PORTLAND, OREGON – In 2019, Lampson International of Kennewick, Washington, partnered with global project management company, Bechtel, to plan and execute the heavy haul of a pair of outsize vessels set to be delivered to the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant, or Vit Plant, at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hanford Site near Richland, Washington.

These vessels are internal components of the management facility and will be used to convert nuclear waste into storable glass blocks. The 40 foot tall vessels weighed 160 tons and required a large, general cargo barge, massive cranes and specialized heavy haul vehicles to transport them over-the-road.

OXBO Mega Transport Solutions was hired by the vessel manufacturer to elevate the vessels being stored on Swan Island, near Portland, Oregon, to a sufficient height for Lampson to access them for land transport under crane hook for loading. The two vessels were then transported up the Columbia River by a Foss supplied tug/barge combination, and offloaded by Lampson at the Port of Benton using a proprietary Lampson 4600 Millennium Ringer crane. The vessels were delivered on a hydraulic platform trailer to the Vit Plant at Hanford, approximately 20 miles from the Port.

This transport involved intense traffic control – utilizing MSA supplied traffic control, local law enforcement, and Hanford Patrol. The Bechtel logistics team worked closely with Lampson, which managed the loading, unloading and land haul. Lampson worked with Foss Maritime for the river transport, bridge clearances, river route, and depth coordination.

Each of the participants met stringent engineering, securing, lifting, and transport requirements to ensure safety and the ultimate success of this project.

“We truly value our local and international business partnerships and continue to look forward to our next project with Bechtel utilizing our transport partners and the Columbia River Corridor,” says Bruce Stemp, Lampson’s Director of Safety and Special Projects Manager.